7 things that are ok to do when you are pregnant (although my husband might disagree)

7 things that are ok to do when you are pregnant (although my husband might disagree)

1: Eat what you like – I know they say you should not eat for two, but have you ever tired saying ‘no’ to cake? when all you really want is cake, cake and a bit more cake. Just make sure you hide it well, otherwise it will need to be shared with your toddler 🙈

2: Eat When you like – As above but in the middle of the night. Baby is hungry, baby is hungry, nothing you can do but run down and get a… cake? to make you feel less hungry at 3am. It’s like breastfeeding – duty calls! hahah. Best part, there is no toddler to share with, so you can enjoy cake in peace ✌🏻

Eating when you are pregnant

3: Ask your husband to help you shave your… down under, as you cannot see past your bump.

4: Ask your husband to examine you ‘down under’ for cuts, in case the blood is not self inflicted (accidently cut when shaving) but labour starting early. Probably why it’s better to do number 4 from the off.

5: Walking around without any bottoms (when at home of course, maybe a
Bit awkward if you decided to walk out without your underwear to a soft play). Who wants to wear pants/underwear when nothing fits your bump?! – NOP, not even maternity pants 🙊

6: Taking over the bed – come on. If the only time in your life where you DESERVE extra bed space isn’t when you are pregnant I really don’t know when it would be.

7: Going to a public toilet with the door wide open because you cannot fit the bump into the cubical AND close the door 😂 – not much difference anyway, your toddler will help you open the door mid flow just in case.

Now I’m a few days over due, I think getting out of bed has to be one of those things you don’t have to do either, but sadly with a toddler I could not give this a number 8. Oh the joys of motherhood ❤️

The Wellness Flower – Keeping Myself Well.

Recently I have spent a nice creative morning with adults, running an anxiety and stress management group. I spent about 45minutes trying to find an activity that was creative and yet not too childish. Eventually after a lot of Googling, searching and even Pintersting I have come up with an idea. This idea has actually been used before and I am sure it have been adjusted and implemented in different ways through time and place. I’ve adjusted what was already used and created this flower, see below.

My amazing artistic attempt at a flower :)

My amazing artistic attempt at a flower :)

Not so amazing artistic skills but that’s not important. What important is the time and effort we all put into creating this flower. It was meant to represent ‘ME’ The person that you want to be. The petals are the representation of what we can do to keep ourselves well. Sometimes life takes over and we get run down with things that we have to do. Use this opportunity to remember what we need to have some activities in our lives that help us stay well. For example:

Eating Well
Taking our medication as prescribed
Meeting our friends

All these things matter!

This is your chance to make the flower relatable specifically to you or your child.

After completing the task and seeing how much everyone has enjoyed doing it, I have realised how important it is for everyone to have some ‘ME’ time to be creative and to think about those things that are keeping us well. I have also realised that this task would go down so well with my little girl. She may not be able to make a great flower (but nor did I) and will not be able to write down the things that are keeping her ‘WELL’. But together we can certainly write down the things that make her happy, the things that she enjoys and the things that KEEP her well. An activity full of fun and meaning which you can hang on your wall (as we did) and go back to when you want. This activity can also allows for some bonding time as well as some creative time.


Draw a flower – this can be done as creatively as you want to make I – make sure that you draw the petals large enough, so you are able to write your ideas in them.

Make sure that you come up with some ideas together with your child, so your child is involved in the choice you are putting into the petals. As play is a good time to start talking about managing feelings/emotions and getting your little one to think about those important strategies that we as adults use on daily basis.

On the stem leaves- you could write the important people in your child’s life (let them chose) to whom they feel happy to talk to if they are feeling worried or anxious. This will be a good reminder of the support network they have available. I imagine for very little one’s this will be a hard choice to make – go with ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ as you can’t go wrong with that. Unless they child is old enough to add more people to that list. Through this, explain to them why you have put mummy and daddy. Children listen to what we say and very often understand way more than we expect them to.

This really is the end of the exercises, no in-depth instructions. Just a nice, fun, pretty flower, with a whole lot of meaning.

Gro-Clock, our night time miracle

Gro-Clock company website Gro-Clock- Night

Since my little one was born, sleep has been pretty much scares in our household. She is two and a half now and still tends to occasionally wake up at 5.30am (on a good day). However, now, we have a Gro Clock.

Her early wake ups were causing all sort of tiredness to both working parents. After a lot of research on what could be causing her early wakes up and things we can do to help, we have realised that it was pretty much just a normal toddler wake up time. So a few months ago we have invested in a Gro-Clock, this little sleep trainer clock has made a massive difference to our lives. Yes, she still occasionally wakes up after 5am and no, she does not always wait for the yellow sun to alert us when she is awake. She is a toddler after all, you can’t expect any sort of continuity when it comes to those little inquisitive minds.

The clock works on two settings – the blue light, with the moon, which means its sleep time and a yellow light which comes on at the time you set it up for, to say its time to wake up. We set ours for 6am and it seems to work fine for us. I guess the next step is for us to move it a few minutes forward every few days. It is recommended for children of about 2 years plus so they are able to grasp the concept better.  We started using it a bit earlier and I’ve found that she didn’t have a problem with getting to understand the concept, although it did take maybe two days,  for her to accept that this is now the new wake up time hahah.

One negative that I have found with this clock was the blue light. I have read a few articles which suggest that a blue light can be quite disruptive to a person’s sleep cycle, so in general I tend to use red lights which are much more calming and relaxing. Plus the blue light is actually quite bright, although there is an option to deem the lights I still find it too bright and usually end up turning it side ways. This pretty much is the only negative I could find. My little one wakes up most mornings with the sun. She gets very excited, as when the sun is on it means it’s time to wake up. If she wakes up early, she usually just tells us it’s not time to wake up yet and goes back for a nap, or just quietly plays on her bed, watching the sun to come up :). We are aware she is awake but it is quite nice not to have to get up at 5am and start the day. So a bit of extra rest of us too. On a rare occasion she even goes back to sleep and has a lie in until 7am. Seriously. I never thought 7am would be considered a late start for me.

Bottom line, a nice little addition to my little one’s bedroom. Great looking, very child friendly, nice colours and even comes with a little small story book talking about the Clock and the animals on the farm. If you haven’t slept for years, definitely worth investing.

Baby show’s Nom Nom Kids

Recently I went to a baby show near home. I didn’t really find many things for my daughters age group. It is probably a better show for expecting new mums or mums with new born babies. However, I have walked round and there were a few stalls with kids activities, like Boogie Beat, which caught my eye. I was even offered a free trail session, so that was all great.
My most exciting find at the Baby show was actually NOM NOM KIDS– reusable pouches. It was a created by a wonderful woman (I completely forgot to ask her name), who started her business at home. Reusable pouches are such a great idea in my opinion, so I got very excited and quickly purchased three to try.

They have a wonderful design of cute animals, very child orientated. My daughter loved pointing at the animals and making their noises. The colours are bright and inviting, which is so important when you are giving it to your fussy children who don’t like to try new things (or old).
The pouch itself is easy to fill (although a bit of a struggle to open, but that’s probably safer for the little hands) and very easy to use. Just give it to your little one whenever/wherever.
The pouches come in two different sizes, the big and small. But of course the best thing about them is the fact that they are reusable, dishwasher safe, and you can put ANYTHING you want in them. I could not recommend them enough.

We took a pouch on a day out and had it on the go. It was fantastic, as i didn’t really have to stop for a snack and there was no mess (anywhere) afterwards. Win win for both of us, I say :)

Enjoying Nom Nom kids on the go

Enjoying Nom Nom kids on the go


Have a look at the Facebook page for more information. I am sure if you have any questions they will be answered quickly.

Here is the link againNOM NOM KIDS

Working mothers

I absolutely love this article – an honest account from a mother who chose to work over being a stay at home mum. It is so true and close to my heart. I feel that as a working mother I also find being at work (even part time) is a break from the everyday. I know mothers who are stay at home and are amazing at it. I watch them and sometimes wish that I could do it too. But for me, like for this lady, it was not meant to be. I love my daughter and treasure every moment we have together, specially now I am a working mother.

I Hated Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Mindfulness Group in Oxford – Headington

Starting today there is a Mindfulness group run privately in Oxford.

For those who are interested to learn about the art of Mindfulness, below is a groups that is starting this Wednesday 13th of January. This is the only group I know that is going so cheap and I advise people to try it before it fills up. There is no need to book, you are welcome to just drop in.

Mindfulness meeting Wednesday 13 January from 7-8pm and every Wednesday there after.

Venue: 20 Quarry High Street
Right at the end of Gladstone Road. Stephen and Diana will be waiting to greet you.

Suggested contribution of £1.

There are also drop-in sessions at the Coach House (Quarry Rd), every Tuesday, 5:45 to 7:15. Cost by donation, please contact tim_stead@btinternet.com for more information.”


Mindfulness is a great way to help with stress and anxiety. It is a hard skill to learn so needs a lot of practice. I can imagine everyone thinking ‘I have kids, I don’t have time to practice’. I think that all the time. But sometimes, in order to keep sane, you have to take a time out. Set aside 5 minutes a day to be mindful. This will help you feel better in the long run and more relaxed when you really need to be.

I saw this article – Mindfunless for Kids

It briefly explains what mindfulness is and gives a few very good examples that can be used not only by children. Definitely worth a read.