Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Day out at the soldiers of Oxfordshire museum.

It was a rainy day and when you have kids, which usually means hard work for the parents. It’s hard to keep kids entertained indoors. They have so much energy.
There are always so many ideas going around about how to keep the kids entertained at home. However, if you are looking to get out but don’t want to face the cold and the rain, I’ve found a great place to kill a few hours.

My husband and I took our 18month old (Sophia)to Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum . We got a deal on Groupon which was great and allowed us an extra little gift at the end of the visit. Normally the price is £4.50 per adult and free for kids under 5.
Sophia loved it! The museum was interactive and very child friendly. Loads of dress ups and puzzles. A little comfy den under the stairs, with bean bags, books and toys. But Sophia mostly loved the mini plane cabin. She would climb up and down, up and down. She Did not want to leave. We were pleasantly surprised at how much fun she had.
My husband seemed to enjoy it too! Plenty of interesting history for the adults.

On our way in and out the ladies behind the counter were lovely, very friendly and welcoming. They advised us that occasionally they have child friendly interactive story time and games for over 5s. They are hoping to make it available for under 5s soon.

There is also a nice garden with a dinosaur. Yes, a large dinosaur (8 metres) and some foot prints. Real apparently. Which I think is attached to the Oxfordshire museum. They had a nice little exhibit too.
Finally, they also have a little cafe where you can get the essentials or have a picnic outside on a nice day.

Basically, all in all it was a very nice day trip, we all enjoyed ourselves and have come home happy and positively tired. I would certainly recommend a day out in Woodstock to anyone with little ones. Or even just for adults interested in a good museum.

Here are some pictures from there day 🙂image



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