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Since my little one was born, sleep has been pretty much scares in our household. She is two and a half now and still tends to occasionally wake up at 5.30am (on a good day). However, now, we have a Gro Clock.

Her early wake ups were causing all sort of tiredness to both working parents. After a lot of research on what could be causing her early wakes up and things we can do to help, we have realised that it was pretty much just a normal toddler wake up time. So a few months ago we have invested in a Gro-Clock, this little sleep trainer clock has made a massive difference to our lives. Yes, she still occasionally wakes up after 5am and no, she does not always wait for the yellow sun to alert us when she is awake. She is a toddler after all, you can’t expect any sort of continuity when it comes to those little inquisitive minds.

The clock works on two settings – the blue light, with the moon, which means its sleep time and a yellow light which comes on at the time you set it up for, to say its time to wake up. We set ours for 6am and it seems to work fine for us. I guess the next step is for us to move it a few minutes forward every few days. It is recommended for children of about 2 years plus so they are able to grasp the concept better.  We started using it a bit earlier and I’ve found that she didn’t have a problem with getting to understand the concept, although it did take maybe two days,  for her to accept that this is now the new wake up time hahah.

One negative that I have found with this clock was the blue light. I have read a few articles which suggest that a blue light can be quite disruptive to a person’s sleep cycle, so in general I tend to use red lights which are much more calming and relaxing. Plus the blue light is actually quite bright, although there is an option to deem the lights I still find it too bright and usually end up turning it side ways. This pretty much is the only negative I could find. My little one wakes up most mornings with the sun. She gets very excited, as when the sun is on it means it’s time to wake up. If she wakes up early, she usually just tells us it’s not time to wake up yet and goes back for a nap, or just quietly plays on her bed, watching the sun to come up :). We are aware she is awake but it is quite nice not to have to get up at 5am and start the day. So a bit of extra rest of us too. On a rare occasion she even goes back to sleep and has a lie in until 7am. Seriously. I never thought 7am would be considered a late start for me.

Bottom line, a nice little addition to my little one’s bedroom. Great looking, very child friendly, nice colours and even comes with a little small story book talking about the Clock and the animals on the farm. If you haven’t slept for years, definitely worth investing.

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