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Recently I went to a baby show near home. I didn’t really find many things for my daughters age group. It is probably a better show for expecting new mums or mums with new born babies. However, I have walked round and there were a few stalls with kids activities, like Boogie Beat, which caught my eye. I was even offered a free trail session, so that was all great.
My most exciting find at the Baby show was actually NOM NOM KIDS– reusable pouches. It was a created by a wonderful woman (I completely forgot to ask her name), who started her business at home. Reusable pouches are such a great idea in my opinion, so I got very excited and quickly purchased three to try.

They have a wonderful design of cute animals, very child orientated. My daughter loved pointing at the animals and making their noises. The colours are bright and inviting, which is so important when you are giving it to your fussy children who don’t like to try new things (or old).
The pouch itself is easy to fill (although a bit of a struggle to open, but that’s probably safer for the little hands) and very easy to use. Just give it to your little one whenever/wherever.
The pouches come in two different sizes, the big and small. But of course the best thing about them is the fact that they are reusable, dishwasher safe, and you can put ANYTHING you want in them. I could not recommend them enough.

We took a pouch on a day out and had it on the go. It was fantastic, as i didn’t really have to stop for a snack and there was no mess (anywhere) afterwards. Win win for both of us, I say :)

Enjoying Nom Nom kids on the go

Enjoying Nom Nom kids on the go


Have a look at the Facebook page for more information. I am sure if you have any questions they will be answered quickly.

Here is the link againNOM NOM KIDS

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