7 things that are ok to do when you are pregnant (although my husband might disagree)

7 things that are ok to do when you are pregnant (although my husband might disagree)

1: Eat what you like – I know they say you should not eat for two, but have you ever tired saying ‘no’ to cake? when all you really want is cake, cake and a bit more cake. Just make sure you hide it well, otherwise it will need to be shared with your toddler 🙈

2: Eat When you like – As above but in the middle of the night. Baby is hungry, baby is hungry, nothing you can do but run down and get a… cake? to make you feel less hungry at 3am. It’s like breastfeeding – duty calls! hahah. Best part, there is no toddler to share with, so you can enjoy cake in peace ✌🏻

Eating when you are pregnant

3: Ask your husband to help you shave your… down under, as you cannot see past your bump.

4: Ask your husband to examine you ‘down under’ for cuts, in case the blood is not self inflicted (accidently cut when shaving) but labour starting early. Probably why it’s better to do number 4 from the off.

5: Walking around without any bottoms (when at home of course, maybe a
Bit awkward if you decided to walk out without your underwear to a soft play). Who wants to wear pants/underwear when nothing fits your bump?! – NOP, not even maternity pants 🙊

6: Taking over the bed – come on. If the only time in your life where you DESERVE extra bed space isn’t when you are pregnant I really don’t know when it would be.

7: Going to a public toilet with the door wide open because you cannot fit the bump into the cubical AND close the door 😂 – not much difference anyway, your toddler will help you open the door mid flow just in case.

Now I’m a few days over due, I think getting out of bed has to be one of those things you don’t have to do either, but sadly with a toddler I could not give this a number 8. Oh the joys of motherhood ❤️

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