The Wellness Flower – Keeping Myself Well.

Recently I have spent a nice creative morning with adults, running an anxiety and stress management group. I spent about 45minutes trying to find an activity that was creative and yet not too childish. Eventually after a lot of Googling, searching and even Pintersting I have come up with an idea. This idea has actually been used before and I am sure it have been adjusted and implemented in different ways through time and place. I’ve adjusted what was already used and created this flower, see below.

My amazing artistic attempt at a flower :)

My amazing artistic attempt at a flower :)

Not so amazing artistic skills but that’s not important. What important is the time and effort we all put into creating this flower. It was meant to represent ‘ME’ The person that you want to be. The petals are the representation of what we can do to keep ourselves well. Sometimes life takes over and we get run down with things that we have to do. Use this opportunity to remember what we need to have some activities in our lives that help us stay well. For example:

Eating Well
Taking our medication as prescribed
Meeting our friends

All these things matter!

This is your chance to make the flower relatable specifically to you or your child.

After completing the task and seeing how much everyone has enjoyed doing it, I have realised how important it is for everyone to have some ‘ME’ time to be creative and to think about those things that are keeping us well. I have also realised that this task would go down so well with my little girl. She may not be able to make a great flower (but nor did I) and will not be able to write down the things that are keeping her ‘WELL’. But together we can certainly write down the things that make her happy, the things that she enjoys and the things that KEEP her well. An activity full of fun and meaning which you can hang on your wall (as we did) and go back to when you want. This activity can also allows for some bonding time as well as some creative time.


Draw a flower – this can be done as creatively as you want to make I – make sure that you draw the petals large enough, so you are able to write your ideas in them.

Make sure that you come up with some ideas together with your child, so your child is involved in the choice you are putting into the petals. As play is a good time to start talking about managing feelings/emotions and getting your little one to think about those important strategies that we as adults use on daily basis.

On the stem leaves- you could write the important people in your child’s life (let them chose) to whom they feel happy to talk to if they are feeling worried or anxious. This will be a good reminder of the support network they have available. I imagine for very little one’s this will be a hard choice to make – go with ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ as you can’t go wrong with that. Unless they child is old enough to add more people to that list. Through this, explain to them why you have put mummy and daddy. Children listen to what we say and very often understand way more than we expect them to.

This really is the end of the exercises, no in-depth instructions. Just a nice, fun, pretty flower, with a whole lot of meaning.

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